Friday, May 16, 2008


My new labels from camillesquilts - untrimmed

Wanted to spread the words to all you pincushion/felt folks! These are fabric labels that STICK TO FELT! They are great! I previously had some ordinary 1" round paper labels, which were great but not as tacky as they needed to be for the felt. (They now will be delegated to "wrapping" duty").

I felt "tag" style labels were too obtrusive, and often just not right for my bottlecaps and I wanted ONE solution for every style I have. So I stuck with the flat sticker idea. A new search on Etsy led me to Camillesquilts. Happy day!

I did my own design, they are 3/4" inside the circle, and I cut them round by hand (designed in a cut line) and i got a little over 70 for $25. Pricier than the paper, but they work! I'm so happy! Buy some! The printing is super sharp! And they don't come off the felt easy at all, the will stay put unless the new owner pulls them off.

"Custom Stick-On Fabric Labels" from Camillesquilts -

My new labels from camillesquilts

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Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I love the design you came up with. You put them on the bottom right? Someone like me wouldn't want to pull it off if I bought a pincushion from an Artist like yourself.

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