Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Felt crafters rejoice!

If you have seen my work (or my flickr sets) you might have noticed I have ALOT of felt colors that most people have never seen. It helps to leave near a dozen craft stores. (Helps more to have an in with the felt co who will send me what I can't find locally in exchange for sending them projects and pieces to use on the site and at shows - hehehe)

Anyway - After teaching a class at a local quilting club, I was talking to some friends who own a sewing supply company that does mail order about how they carried some of the Kunin Rainbow felt line of cut 9x12 squares, but it was they didn't have them all. I said that only one place i could find carried all the colors and they only sold 24 packs and charged a ton for shipping.

My friends called me back today, they decided to carry them all 45 shades, the ENTIRE line, and even reduced shipping for felt orders since they don't weigh anything! SO if you were holding of ordering online because all there was was massive quantities, now you can go nuts!

They sell two dozen colors in 24 sheet (min) packs, but have the ENTIRE line, all 45 Kunin brand colors in 12 sheet (min) half-packs, including the new 2008 colors. The minimum on the entire line is 12 sheets per color, so you can load up but not get to much in all those colors you can't get! And shipping is $6!

They are great people and are taking a chance on this, since they heard my mention of people looking for it.

They are called SANE, and tell them I sent you! (I do not get a thing from it, other than not looking like a idiot for talking them into ordering a bunch of felt. They'd just like to know who told who.)

Here is the jump straight to the felt section:


GW said...

It's nice to see a company that doesn't gouge its customers on shipping! By the way, why do they call them squares when they're rectangles? Is that just a holdover from a time when they came in squares? Give me a history lesson, you.

LOL, the captcha is hotism. That's hysterical.

thelittlereddoor said...

your link to the felt squares isn't working for me, though I'd love to check it out!

Rhonda the Stitchingnut said...

I just placed my order for every single color. Thanks for the link!

Danielle Combs said...


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