Monday, June 29, 2009

Off of Etsy

Etsy has decided to shut my store down.

After 224 (100%) feedback, and 334 sales, I'm shut down. I can't even have an account now, even to buy. They are turned me off on Tuesday completely but I had a chance to save off my customer data.

Reason? Good Question. They cited "user complaints", but won't elaborate further. Since I can't use the forums or Storque so I'm not sure what they can find to complain about me with, other than I work for Artfire and exist.

I cant say I'm surprised. I've been expecting this since September when I joined on at Artfire and announced it here on my blog, so this is just the other shoe dropping. I've more or less stayed on out of pure spite.

You can of course find me on Artfire for all your pincushiony needs.


Metanoia said...

*shock* Well that is their loss I guess. Goodluck!

The Kinky One said...

I wonder why now? Someone in Brooklyn feeling spiteful before they loose their job perhaps? Asswipes.

Pretty Things said...

This seems like really weird timing. I don't get it.

CJ Stitching and Blooms said...

Hello, I have admired your pincushions for a long and bought several from you. I was thinking of starting my first etsy shop or foxfire but did not know which way to go. I just happen to visit your site and saw this posting. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm now what to do. Could you tell me why foxfire is better than etsy????

Also I would like to know will the sizzix punch, punch through wool roving that has been felted thin???? If so can you direct so I can buy some heart and roses shapes. Thanks Judy

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